Родословни чихуахуа шампиони


We're Georgi Kirkov & Victoria Sholin - we've been breeding for 12 years under the name "Sholin Vikris" together with Victoria's brother and today we're the proud owners of "One in a Million Chihuahuas".

Chihuahua is the smallest, yet among the bravest and smartest dog breeds. Since we were children our chihuahuas are our pride and passion, which finally let to founding "One in a Million Chihuahuas" - a formal structure devoted not just to the selection of the best chihuahuas possible, but to the endless pursuit of perfection, the true value of friendship and the beauty and art of creation.

One in a Million Chihuahuas is officially registered in FCI and BRFC, №852017. We've been breeding chihuahuas since 2006. Our aim is to produce high quality and most of all healthy dogs, possessing the breed's typical temperament & exterior. Our chihuahuas are a selection of some of the best breed lines in the world - "Microschihuas" (Serbia), "Misty Meadow's & Di San Gimignano" (Italy), "Chidelia" (Norway), "Shah Arpilin", "Helena's Band" & "Yanger" (Russia), and are descendants of legends like "Leander", "Dachida's", "Copymear", "Ballybroke", "Widogi", "Yeosinga" and many more... Some of our chihuahua dogs live in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, USA, The United Kingdom, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Albania, Cyprus, Russia, Lebanon, Dubai, The United Arab Emirates, etc. We remember every one of our chihuahua babies, we keep in touch with almost all of them & we're proud of them!

*FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
*BRFC - Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology